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Meniere’s disease is a complex disorder that includes a variety of potentially debilitating symptoms. Vertigo, tinnitus, progressive hearing loss, and a sense of fullness in the ear may occur alone or in combination. The onset of Meniere’s disease is often gradual and progressive, and is often of an unknown cause. The diagnosis of Meniere’s is generally made clinically by assessing for the presence of common symptoms though no clear cause is known. An imbalance in fluid of the inner ear is thought to contribute to the onset of Meniere’s symptoms and conventional treatments focus on symptom management.

Natural Meniere’s treatment includes diet modification to avoid caffeine, high salt foods, and other triggers. An emerging field in the natural management of Meniere’s disease includes specialized chiropractic care focused on correcting abnormal structural alignment of the upper neck. Doctors who focus in an area of chiropractic care called NeuroStructural Correction have reported impressive results with folks who are suffering from Meniere’s disease. The Blair method of NeuroStructural Correction is a specialized chiropractic approach that addresses spinal obstructions that impede the function of the nervous system – the electrical operating system of the body. Many people who are suffering with Meniere’s disease have experienced a whiplash injury in their past such as car accidents, sports injuries, or falls.

At first, minor spinal obstructions do not produce symptoms. However, if left uncorrected, a number of Secondary Conditions (also known as symptoms) are likely to develop. Very often these symptoms are similar to those experienced with Meniere’s disease including dizziness or vertigo and ringing in the ears (tinnitus). If conventional methods of treating Meniere’s have been unsuccessful, there may be an underlying structural contribution. NeuroStructural Doctors do not specifically treat Meniere’s disease, but rather focus on correcting the spinal obstructions that may be causing or contributing to the severity of Meniere’s disease symptoms. They do so by detecting and correcting a condition called Atlas Displacement Complex, also known as upper cervical spinal subluxation. This moderate to severe shift in the structural relationship between the head and neck produces abnormal stress on the discs, ligaments, joints, and sensitive nerves of the neck and may impair neurological function. NeuroStructural Doctors use objective testing procedures to uncover this unique and often overlooked problem in persons who are suffering from Meniere’s disease and searching for natural relief.

A multi-faceted approach to dealing with Meniere’s disease is recommended for individuals who are looking for natural solutions. As a Doctor of Chiropractic focusing on NeuroStructural correction, Dr. John Stenberg is trained to detect the potential underlying structural condition associated with Meniere’s disease symptoms.

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